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Vircon is an Australian-based business with a unique event management platform that allows event planners to manage multiple events from a single account and dashboard.

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Vircon's Value


We understand the event industry and have built a unique event management system to utilise the latest technologies and facilitate the growing needs of the industry.

Ease of use

From calculating your virtual event costs to creating and running the event with our platform we make the whole process easy and intuitive.


We strive to improve our client's experience by listening and being open and transparent to their suggestions and feedback.

Vircon's Story

With over 20 years of experience in designing purpose built platforms and organising and managing professional conferences, major productions and events, the Vircon team knows what it takes to design and conduct successful webinars, events and conferences.

Over time, event planners and organisers have seen physical event costs rise and attendees are more reluctant to visit a physical event location due to the valuable time taken away from their usual work as well as the costs associated with accommodation and travel.

Event planners are struggling to organise speakers, presenters, and attendees in a single location. However, the dilemma remains that many professionals are still required to maintain their standards of knowledge and education gained from attending these events.

To solve these problems, we have built Vircon, an event management system that is an easy to use 'plug and play' software solution to deliver to their audiences an engaging experience anywhere and at any time.

Vircon's Mission

We have set out to deliver an innovative event management solution to provide event planners, conference organisers, peak bodies, associations, corporations and hotel chains a way to easily organise, manage and run their virtual events from a single dashboard.

We make the event creation process easier by bringing everyone together on a single platform for easier communication and collaboration. With dedicated portals for organisers, sponsors and presenters your entire team can instead focus on delivering an engaging experience.

We empower organisers and sponsors to harness valuable business intelligence data and analytics gathered from their events leading to more informed business decisions and a better return on investment from their online events.

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