The Virtual Conference Network Story

With over 20 years of experience organising and managing professional conferences, major productions and events, The Virtual Conference Network knows what it takes to design and conduct a successful and cost-effective event.

Over time, conference owners and organisers have seen costs rise and attendees become more reluctant to visit a conference location, give up valuable time from their practices and spend increasing amounts on accommodation and travel. However, the dilemma remains that many professionals are still required to maintain their standards of knowledge and education through such conferences.

To solve these problems, we have built The Virtual Conference Network, a software platform that is easy to use and delivers an engaging product to your audience.

The Virtual Conference Network was established in early 2019 with a vision to develop and deliver an innovative “plug and play” software solution for the global professional conference industry.

We are disrupting the conference market by providing conference owners and organisers, peak bodies, corporate companies, and large hotel chains to create additional revenue and deliver professional conferences at a lower cost.

The Virtual Conference Network is an Australian-based business that has developed a universal platform allowing conference facilitators to scale their events worldwide while growing their audiences and minimising costs. 

The Virtual Conference Network has developed an effective response to a worldwide need as conference owners struggle to organise speakers, presenters and attendees in a single location. Our robust solutions drive positive change and deliver significant business results.

What We Do

We know conferences. At The Virtual Conference Network, we have created an easy to use platform where conference owners can deliver conferences Anywhere, Anytime. A singular platform allowing owners, presenters, sponsors, and attendees to participate irrespective of where they are in the world, sharing information, educating, and delivering professional content to their audiences.

Take control of your content, revenue, and audience engagement with an all-in-one solution for planning, designing, and tracking the effectiveness of your conference. Our platform gives conference owners the tools to restore and maximize profitability and generate ongoing income opportunities post-event.

Our mission is to deliver an innovative solution that will automate manual workloads, driving high levels of processing efficiency and scalability while supporting conference owners and their clients. The Virtual Conference Network software enables conference owners, organizers, and peak bodies to reduce costs, fuel business growth, and deliver more robust and inclusive client service.

The Landscape

Globally more than 1,000,000 conferences take place each year, and this number is growing every year, pushing 96% of conference owners to use live streaming.
In today’s era, high volume attendance at physical conferences is unrealistic. Rising costs of organising and running events for both conference and event production companies, shrinking budgets and the limited technical capabilities to stream live and record sessions all create obstacles for conference owners, organisers, peak bodies and educational institutions to expand their audiences.

the landscape

The Solution

The Virtual Conference Network is a cloud-based app and integrated “plug and play” platform allowing professional video sharing, monetisation of content, professional networking and the issue of CPD/CPE certification in a seamless and cost-effective package.

Conference owners can create, deliver, store, edit and make available as many conferences as they choose for on-demand viewing on a pay-per-view basis at a fee set by the conference owner. It’s a win-win solution that creates additional ongoing revenue streams for conference owners and organisers.

In the traditional conference world, attendees go to a set number of sessions, sometimes missing out on high-value content if there are multiple sessions happening at the same time. Once the conference is over, they do not hear from you until the next conference. In our world, content is available virtually during and after the event, and detailed analysis helps you stay engaged with your audience well after the official time of the event in a personalised way.

The Virtual Conference Network enables you to add a virtual component to face-to-face events, allowing your attendees to access your content online and from any device. We will also provide you with the opportunity to extend the life of your content, increase sponsorship opportunities, access a wider pool of speakers, and measure your return on investment with advanced reporting and tracking features.

Our People

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Alex Paine


Alex co-founded The Virtual Conference Network in June 2019. Today, as CEO and Co-Founder, he is an experienced senior executive in the technology and finance start up space with expertise in developing corporate strategy, sales leadership, and market entry both locally and Internationally.

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Frank Buckle


Frank co-founded The Virtual Conference Network in June 2019. Today, as Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, he brings over 20 years of experience in delivering technology in the conference industry both locally and internationally.

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Christina Bell


Christina joined The Virtual Conference Network in February 2020 as Chief Product and Marketing Officer. Christina is recognised with a proven track record in leading digital and start-up businesses in the financial services industry both locally and internationally.

Nick Dempsey


Nick joined the joined The Virtual Conference Network in February 2020 as Chief Commercial Officer. Nick is recognised with a proven track record in building and leading successful sales teams across various technology software companies locally and internationally.