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Eliminate the financial risks of running a conference
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Uncertainty has flipped the live event world on its head.
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The uncertain state of conferencing in 2020 has seen the shift to working from home have immediate and long-standing knock-on effects to the professional conferencing industry, including a rapid decline in physical events, significantly increased demand for online training and e-learning, and new standards and expectations for virtual events. For Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs), this has meant greater overall risk. Ty Fleming, Director at Conference Link, commented, “Just like the GFC, there will be a massive and noticeable decrease in events being held as many industries and companies will be short of cashflow and reluctant to have expenses for non-essential services. Clients will be looking for cost effective ways to continue industry education and professional development.”
Take Control

VCN's 20 years experience in the conference industry coupled with creating digital platforms delivers a risk free solution to virtual conferences

One system delivering a fully integrated platform, how will it work for you?
The Virtual Conference Network enables you to create content from presenters anywhere in the world. From a central dashboard you can record and edit speakers, upload content and assemble these in your order of choice.
You decide whether to publish individual sessions or a whole event and who you wish to make these available to.
As many employees shift to working from home for the foreseeable future, you can deliver information to entire teams and customer bases regardless of geography, time zones or availability.

Personalised dashboards showing all of your live conferences, total number of attendees and most importantly live revenue figures. 

Secure your future Conferences

With a smart, secure, and intuitive program unlike anything on the market, our platform is easy to use and will allow you to deliver an innovative professional conference.

It’s a singular platform enabling owners, organisers, presenters, sponsors and attendees to participate irrespective of where they are in the world, sharing information, educating and delivering professional content to audiences.

The Virtual Conference Network allows your business to deliver conferences Anytime, Anywhere.

It is designed to assist conference owners in progressively returning to live conferences whilst still retaining an online service for virtual attendees, enabling you to increase your overall revenue.

Get your conferences scheduled and back on track today.