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Can Vircon be used for live events?

Vircon has the functionality needed and is ideally suited to plan and manage live events as well as hybrid and pre-recorded on-demand content.

You can easily find out the pricing of your first event or webinar via our pricing and features page.

Our system is intuitive and easy to learn and typically a standard event can be fully set up within a couple of hours the first time.

Unlimited! You can have as many talks or presentations as you require per event. For our webinar trial you are limited to as many as you can fit within the time limit.

We have an absolute limit of five days for the event duration from the point where it commences until it ends so you're free to run a single day event or multiple day virtual conference. However, on demand content for that event will still be available afterwards for a complimentary month (with the option to extend) for people to access the presentations and other content.

Webinars can go for up to 2 hours. If you require longer you can get in touch at

No, we don't - the basis of our pricing is on user registration numbers, as well as optional extras like additional on demand, breakout rooms and technical support.

No, there are no restrictions on streamed minutes. As our pricing is based primarily on number of registrations, this allows attendees to enjoy as much of your event as they like without the pressure that each minute streamed is costing you more.

Unlimited! You can have as many speakers as you require per event, although please note each speaker counts as a user. Please note the Webinar Trial is capped at 4 different presenters.

For virtual event, the maximum number of users (or registrants) depends on the amount selected during the set-up process up to a cap of 5,000 total. For webinars the maximum is 500.
Please note that users include attendees as well as speakers, presenters, team members and sponsor representatives.


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