Yes, VCN has the features and functionality to handle live, hybrid, semi-live events as well as pre-recorded content for on-demand viewing

The VCN system is easy to learn and a full conference programme can be set up in hours.

Yes – VCN has a package price to suit all organisations – visit the ‘Pricing Plans’ page  to see just how much money you will save.

Visit the Pricing page to view what a one-off conference will cost.

Yes, VCN’s Pro+ Package is a very cost efficient way to organise and manage multiple events

No – VCN has a very simple and cost-effective way to include live streaming in any event.

Yes, you can host as many conferences as you like there are no limitations.

No, the choice is yours you can have as many speakers as you wish to invite.

No, the number of talks that you include in a conference is unlimited.

Yes, if you have any problems or questions you can contact our Support Department directly.

There are no limits to the number of attendees that you can invite for each or any event.

No, there are no restrictions on streamed minutes.

Yes, conference owners have their own individual dashboard well they can view add administer all events they are planning and have run in the past.

Yes, conference owners can do this on their own secure dashboard.

No, you only need one secure login to access all of your information.

Yes, you can invite an unlimited number of viewers to access your conferences.

Yes, conference owners can decide to have as many conferences available for viewing at any given time.

No, all you need is a standard web browser and log in to the VCN app where all your conferences are stored.