Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host simultaneous events on the same platform?

Yes, you can host as many conferences as you like there are no limitations.

Do you have a maximum number of speakers for an event?

No, the choice is yours you can have as many speakers as you wish to invite.

Do you have a maximum number of talks per event?

No, the number of talks that you include in a conference is unlimited.

Do you provide ongoing technical support/ when producing an event after your conference has been uploaded?

Yes, if you have any problems or questions you can contact our Support Department directly.

Do you have a minimum contract period?

Yes, the minimum. Is 12 months during which you can host as many conferences as you like

Do you have a maximum number of attendees per event before additional charges are applied?

There are no additional charges and no maximum number of attendees that you can invite for each or any event.

Do you have restrictions on “streamed minutes”?

No, there are no restrictions on streamed minutes.

Do you charge additional fees to keep users registered on your database in between events?

No every attendee you invite every speaker moderator or presenter will remain on your database and be able to be accessed by you while ever your subscription is current.

Do conference owners have one platform to view and administer all their conferences running or scheduled (no separate URL’s are issued per event)

Yes, conference owners have their own individual dashboard well they can view add administer all events they are planning and have run in the past.

Do you charge for on-boarding Presenters/Speakers?

There are no separate charges for on-boarding presenters or speakers.

Do you have one place where you can view and edit all conferences?

Yes, conference owners can do this on their own secure dashboard.

Do I have to pay to maintain my list of registrants?

No, whatever your subscription is current all past information and future events you are planning is available through your conference owner dashboard.

Do I need a separate login for every conference?

No, you only need one secure login to access all of your information.

Can multiple viewers view different conferences at the same time?

Yes, you can invite an unlimited number of viewers to access your conferences.

Can conference owners earn money from multiple conferences simultaneously?

Yes, conference owners can decide to have as many conferences available for viewing at any given time.