How On Demand Content Can Generate Revenue For Your Virtual Event

There is a huge growing trend in the way people want things more accessible and at their convenience. We are seeing this occur in many facets of life like meal deliveries, online ordering, and the way people consume content – games, music and of course TV and movies. Without a doubt Netflix, and other streaming services, have popularised these services that allow viewers to enjoy high quality shows when it is suitable for them. 

How The Conference Industry is Going Virtual

However, the traditional conference industry has lagged behind these changing trends – until 2020 when the pandemic made in-person events impossible or unfeasible. This saw the huge and immediate rise of online conferences which replicate the conference experience, but not necessarily evolve it. While virtual conferences are more accessible it may not be at a person’s convenience, something on demand content offers. 

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The Opportunity On Demand Content Offers

Factors such as time taken to travel or take off work or important projects, financial costs such as travel expenses, accommodation, or other commitments or priorities in life like spending time with family make attending conferences for these people unfeasible or impossible. 

Another challenge for attendees with live-only virtual events is the difference in time zones. With traditional in-person conferences where everyone is gathered in the same physical location makes scheduling and attending easier for everyone, however the same may not be true for live-only virtual events like especially if your conference attendees are across different time zones. 

This is where on demand content can help alleviate a lot of these issues while still providing conference registrants access to valuable industry knowledge. 

Conferences can be a potentially expensive commitment with financial costs and the time invested with it taking weeks, months or for larger conferences it can take up to the entire year to organise, it is imperative for these events to provide a good return on investment. Then for the conference to be entirely over in just a matter of hours or days seems like a missed opportunity for those not offering on demand options. 

Some conference owners have recognised the huge opportunity that on demand content gives, yet according to Markletic (2021) one third of virtual events do not offer any on demand content despite the way it addresses the two key growing trends of accessibility and convenience and how they can improve the potential audience reach. 

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How On Demand Can Generate Additional Revenue

Providing on demand options not only allows for more registrants to a conference, which increases revenue from ticket sales and improves ROI, but more people attending your event gives greater brand awareness and leads for sponsors and therefore increases the value they get from the event which can lead to larger on-going sponsorship partnerships. With Vircon’s conference management system we provide deep analytics for event sponsors with pages views, video views, link clicks, downloads, interactions and other key metrics for them to evaluate their sponsorship return on investment. 

A unique feature of Vircon is the option to offer on demand for your virtual webinar, conference, or event and to continue selling tickets after the live portion has ended so you can reach new people who are interested in listening to the speakers or viewing the presentations. This further increases the number of people enjoying the conference content which can be weeks or even months after the live conference has ended. By utilising your mailing list or using digital advertising you can continue to drive new people to your conference and therefore get additional ticket sales, leads, customer data and other key metrics as well as provide an on-going source of revenue. 

On demand can allow your conference to reach more people

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Ways To Include On Demand For Your Conference

When it comes to on demand for your conferences there are multiple approaches – with Vircon the first option is to offer on demand as an extension of your conference. This way any of your attendees could access the presentations and other materials after the online conference ends. We highly suggest for any online conferences to include this option as it can provide a lot more value to attendees and improve their overall experience.  

The next option is the same as the first except to provide additional content after the online event ends – this could be presentations that were unable to be included in the schedule, extended presentations or complimentary video, new releases from sponsors or other resources. With the Vircon platform you can even schedule each piece of your content individually so for example a speaker’s part 1 could come out the day of the conference and part 2 the following day. 

The last option is to have a purely on demand conference – this could include all new content made for the conference or to take the presentations and content from a previous conference and to then include it for your new on demand conference. This is a fantastic option for conferences where learning and education is much more valuable to your attendees rather than networking, or if your audience has difficulty attending a live conference normally due to time zones or uncertainty with availability. 

Vircon’s robust ticketing system not only applies to live events but also for on demand so you can segment your ticket offers to give VIPs a discount, or for certain ticket types to gain access to single presentations, talks or sessions. You could even offer cheaper tickets to your conference after the live event has ended for those who were not willing to pay as much to attend further boosting revenue. This added flexibility allows conference owners to extend their reach even further by catering to their audience’s needs. 

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With all events on the Vircon conference management platform, we provide one month of on demand storage so you can see the benefits for yourself, with the option to extend on a month-by-month basis. 

Click here to get started with your next virtual, hybrid or on-demand conference.

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