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Sponsorship Features


Sponsoring virtual events increases leads, sales and brand recognition.

Showcase Sponsor's Brands

Sponsors can get their message across dedicated sponsor pages, event branding, pre-roll videos, networking rooms and more.

Sponsors Per Event

Unlimited sponsors and sponsorships can be linked to an event.

In-Depth Analytics

The sponsor dashboard gives access to rich data such as number of views, duration, click-thru and more with overall or by event breakdowns.

Promotional/ Self Branding

All of these options are available for your organisation allowing you to promote your personal brand and content in anyone of your events or webinars.

Showcasing Brands

Whether you are looking to promote your own brand or have sponsors in your events Vircon gives you all the tools to create the perfect virtual sales landing pages.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors can directly enquire to organisers about sponsoring current and future events.

Sponsorship Packages

Event organisers can create custom-tailored sponsorship packages.

Sponsor Library

Save banners, video advertisements, logos and more in your content library for using across multiple events.

Sponsor Pages

Sponsors can showcase their brand with videos, downloadable brochures, links and create real time lead generation.

Bidding System

Organisers can contact all connected sponsors and invite them to secure interest on available sponsorship slots.

Sponsorship Analytics

Sponsors can access rich data such as number of views, duration, click-thru, leads generated and more

Sponsor Ad Placement

Event branding, pre-roll video, product presentations, sponsor pages and networking rooms are included in your webinar or event package.

Product Demonstrations

Showcase your product and services to potential customers, sponsors or investors.

Sponsor Library

Your sponsor library will be always available to you containing all your brands promotional items such as banners, company logos and much more.

Virtual Booth displaying your Sponsors Landing Page

Create customised virtual sales landing pages for your sponsors or invite them to the platform where they can complete their pages by adding logos, creating unique selling proposition's call to action buttons or emails and upload video content.

Vircon tracks all views, clicks and product downloads giving your sponsors real time data on their content and sales leads generated.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Organisations can enquire directly to sponsor the current or future events, or planners can open sponsorship placements for bidding.

With our advanced analytics you can analyse how many people have visited your sponsor page, clicked links and other critical details to inform marketing and business decisions.

Sponsor Representatives

Representatives can use text chat to answer questions and engage with multiple attendees simultaneously or still have that one-on-one video chat to be more personal.

Sponsors can easily create a unique presence with the customisation options on their sponsor page. Sponsor's brand presence can continue with events that offer on demand content after the event ends attracting new leads and customers.

Networking Rooms

Sponsor Networking Rooms are available pre, during & post event for sponsors to spread awareness of their message & brand.

Attendee Networking Rooms provide an instant connection with other participants during or after an event. Video chat, messages, one on one meetings & small groups are also available.

Extra Value for Sponsors

Sponsors can continue to create and build brand awareness, generate leads and more with on demand content.

Use promotional banners and video placements to showcase your start-up or sponsor's brand throughout your webinars.

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