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Full functionality for all of your webinars, small or large

Vircon is your inbuilt CRM system.

With our all-in-one event management system, it is quick and easy to create events with intuitive event management and fast track future events with saved assets, people, and resources.


Smaller events focusing on engaging your audience and growing your brand

Virtual Events

Livestream large virtual conferences, workshops, summits and symposiums

Hybrid Events

Events that are a combination of livestreaming online and in-person

Pre Recorded

Evergreen content like pre-recorded webinars and educational videos

Use webinars to engage your audience

Share Knowledge

Educate followers with online workshops, courses, tutorials and onboarding webinars

Brand Building

Grow your brand with webinars to establish trust, credibility and authority

Lead Generation

Capture high quality leads and collect customer data from registrants

Product Demostrations

Showcase your product and services to potential customers, sponsors or investors.

Create immersive experiences

Revenue Generation, workshops and training, employee engagement

  • Our platform ensures a professional experience when pitching your projects and business.
  • Use promotional banners and video placements to showcase your start-up or sponsor's brand throughout your webinars.
  • Grow your brand with webinars to establish trust, credibility and authority.
  • Educate followers with online workshops, courses, tutorials and onboarding webinars.
  • Duplicate your previous webinars or save pitch decks, videos, documents and more to create future webinars faster.

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Networking Room

Sponsors and promotional

Sponsoring Virtual Events Increases Leads, Sales and Brand Recognition

Showcase Sponsor's Brands

Sponsors can get their message across dedicated sponsor pages, event branding, pre-roll videos and networking rooms.

In-Depth Analytics

The sponsor dashboard gives access to rich data such as number of views, duration, click-thru and more with overall or by event breakdowns.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Organisations can enquire directly to sponsor current or future events, or you can open sponsorship placements for bidding.

Sponsor Library

Will be always available to you containing all your brands promotional items such as banners, company logos and much more.

Networking Rooms

Sponsor networking rooms are available pre, during and post event to increase brand awareness.

Attendee Networking

Rooms provide an instant connection with other participants during or after an event video chat, messages one on one meetings.

Vircon's Recording Studio takes the stress out of presenter management.

We have developed a unique high-definition presenter recording tool allowing event organisers to invite presenters from anywhere in the world to record their presentations.

  • Record, review, edit and delete

  • Content populates the event program in real time

  • Presentation is uploaded in the event library

  • Presenters submit recordings & content from their dashboard

  • Event organisers dashboard allows you to review, edit, and manage presenter content as you receive it.

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