Why You Need a Virtual Conference Management Platform

Virtual conferences are becoming more common, and there are clearly lots of advantages for virtual conferences, and so the need to successfully manage them efficiently becomes a core requirement for conference organisers. According to the 2020 Report by Grand View Research they value the global virtual events market at USD 94.04B in 2020, and it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23.7% over the next seven years.  

Typically, the traditional conference was a single event held over a single day or several days, which made a lot of sense with hiring venues, setting up physical booths, and of course the costs and time for everyone involved. However, virtual conferences don’t have these same costs or challenges and we are seeing virtual conferences become held more frequently to cater to the modern professional world. 

With more virtual and hybrid events taking place and if you are running more than one conference a year it is imperative to use a good virtual conference management platform, and there are still benefits for those that run the single yearly large annual conference.

Graph showing increase in size of virtual events

Easier to Organise

Conferences can be very time-consuming with large ones, sometimes taking months to prepare for and with so many moving parts such as arranging sponsors and presenters only adding to the stress. A conference management platform should make the process easier and reduce the time taken when compared with traditional live conferences. 

With Vircon our goal is to make preparing, communicating, and organising virtual events, webinars, and conferences with all involved much easier and less time consuming. From within our system the organiser can invite presenters, sponsors, and team members to join the conference and automatically assign their respective role. 

With separate portals for presenters, sponsors, and team members it makes organisation a breeze and with the ability to communicate all within the same platform. Sponsors can directly upload their logo, images, videos, and other assets and design their sponsor booth or page while speakers can easily upload their presentations, pre-recorded talks, and other files in preparation. Organisers and team members have a lot of tools at their disposal including the drag and drop program construction or customisable ticketing to make the event process smooth and easier than without a conference management system. With Vircon we make it much easier for all involved so you can focus on creating a great conference experience. 

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Save Time

We found other platforms a hassle with needing to start fresh with each new event, webinar or conference which we felt inconvenienced organisers especially when running multiple events. So, we built our platform to store all your important virtual conference data and information for future events. This includes the ability to reinvite attendees, sponsors, team members as well as conference elements such as sponsor pages, presenter details, registration pages, and more from your previous conferences that can be used to quickly create your next event. 

Running a new webinar, a month later but same sponsors? No problem – just pull the data over quickly and easily. Need to invite only select registrants to a follow up advanced virtual summit? Can do. Even if you’re planning for your association’s annual event, having the data already stored within the Vircon platform can save you and your team a lot of valuable time and take the stress out of running such a large event. 

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Data That Drives Results

An industry study by Event Manager Blog (2019) found that 76% of event professional organiser jobs require being able to determine the business value of events, however the 2020 study by Event Manager Blog found 1 in 4 online platforms do not offer any form of analytics. 

We suspect this might be a carryover from traditional in person conferences because they provide overly broad analytics such as total ticket sales, estimated data such as total viewers for a single event, or highly inaccurate data such as sponsor brand awareness or attendee engagement. Ultimately traditional conferences lack granular details when compared to the information available to us in the digital age where data and analytics are critical in so many business decisions.  

With the Vircon conference management platform we understand and provide the vital conference data and analytics that can be used to determine the business value of the event as well as for your marketing or sales team to utilise. This data can include the number of attendees that completely viewed a presentation, tracking for educational points, sponsor page visits, how many return visits, as well as demographic or other details specific to your conference than can help you obtain your goals. So, you can clearly understand how Vircon’s conference management system can be used in accurately determining the value of virtual conferences, webinars, and events. 

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With our conference management system, we have made creating, managing, and running multiple conferences a breeze while also providing in-depth analytics that can be used for marketing and business decisions to drive resultsClick here If you would like to find out more on how Vircon can be your conference management solution.  

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